Facts of bully sticks

Top 5 Facts that you need to know About Bully Sticks

Have you got a pet dog in the house that seems to chew things? Many household items have probably already fallen victim to the dog’s passion for eating. Slippers, rugs, pillows, and shoes always end up drenched with saliva and full of teeth. The answer is to send the dog something harmless: bully sticks.

Bully sticks are also referred to as bull pizzas or beef pizzles, as they are made out of bull penises (the anachronistic term “penis” is “pizzles”) they are made up of 100% beef tendon that is drained, dried and flavored to become sinewy chew products for dogs. Many dog owners favor these bully sticks over those made from rawhides or bones. If you are intrigued by the strange origin of these dried pizzles, you may like to read and learn these interesting facts:

Are Bully Sticks Good for Dogs?

It is enough for most dog owners to be safe or harmless. However, they go beyond safe treatments in the case of bully sticks because they actually offer a variety of health benefits. For starters, dogs digest dried tendons easier than other conventional chewing treatments such as rawhides or the manufactured bones. It also doesn’t split, so it is entirely safe compared to other therapies with sharp, broken parts, which can cause internal injuries.

Bull pizzles are also highly nutritious, as they are made from natural high protein beef muscle. Beef is also a significant source of amino acids. These amino acids can improve muscle, brain, skin, and coat. The fact that all of the sticks are natural also makes them an excellent option for allergic dogs, because the absence of artificial additives and preservatives avoids adverse reactions or allergies.

Beef pizzles also help a dog keep his teeth clean and his gums healthy. While not a substitute for proper teeth brushing, vigorous chewing is conducive to healthy teeth and glue because it helps to remove the plaque from the teeth of the dog, making it easier to clean when the teeth are browned.

How do Dogs Want Bully Sticks

Dogs are like bulls because they’re fond of chewing. Chewing is essential for a variety of reasons in the life of any dog. For pups, this is one of the main activities because they use their mouth to explore their surroundings, and as teething babies, they have to chew to ease the pains of the teeth.

Adult dogs most often perform chewing for a variety of reasons:

To alleviate boredom

If the dogs have nothing to do, they can keep occupied, by kicking anything they can reach, including walls, railings, toys, shoes or anything they can find (which is why it is necessary to have a treat or a chew, as it keeps them far from items that are not safe to kick).

To lessen anxiety

When stressed, dogs can chew to take away their minds from what disturbs them. This is like people who muffle or chew on a pen. This applies especially to dogs that suffer from phobias or tend to be subjected to loud noises like thunder, building noise, or the neighbor’s loud music.

For fun

There is sometimes no real reason here, except that the dog enjoys the chewing action. With them, it’s enjoyable, and may even be a way to play with you. They can chew on your shoes or any object that you are holding to instruct you to go into a war tug or a ‘chase’ game.

It tastes good

This is particularly true for the Bully Stick Shoppe beef pizzles. Dogs like to suck on because they eat right and feel good. It’s a bonus because it’s good for your wellbeing.

How Long Do Bully Sticks Last

When the expiration date is taken during storage, bully sticks are considered to have long shelf lives as they are protected by drying naturally. When they are produced, they can last on shop shelves for up to two years or more.

How long does it last if a dog is used depends on the breed. Different dogs from different races tend to be aggressive and enthusiastic in different ways and naturally have different bite strengths. On average, a bully stick takes several hours to several days, depending on the above factors.

Why Do Bully Sticks Smell

There are odor-free sticks on the market if you are disturbed by the odor that some consumers want to a dried pain (more imaginative than “zombie”). These smell-free bully sticks are cooked longer to remove most of the moisture content, which generally results in the smell.

You can also do so by boiling and drying the pizzles on your own. Nonetheless, bear in mind that DIY solutions like these aren’t foolproof. If you don’t want to risk the pizzles, simply opt for the odor-free solutions.

You do have to note that even if you have the odor-free sticks, they still smell a little because of the dog’s saliva. This is normal, however, and will occur with any chew product.

How Many Bully Sticks Can a Puppy Have

A puppy should be given a limit of one bully stick per day. Less than one is prohibited because the pizzle is rich in protein, which can have adverse health effects when overeaten. Luckily, there will not be too many issues, as most pups will not be able to eat more than one stick a day, not to mention that too many transactions do not cost.

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