What are Bully sticks

What are Bully Sticks – Dog Treats

Bully sticks are the popular treat for dogs, but what are bully sticks? Are bully sticks healthy for dogs? Are they safe for puppies? Read on to find out the answer frequently asked question.

What are Bully sticks?
Bully sticks are a durable chew for dogs. Bully sticks are made up of single ingredient all natural Beef. They are a best treat made of 100 percent beef muscle with lot of health benefits. Even the great chewers require some time to complete off a Bully stick. These are incredible, low cost and regular sitter. Shockingly better, Bully sticks arrive in different shapes, sizes, and flavors. You’ll generally have something new to keep treat time fascinating for your little puppies.

What are Bully sticks made of?
A bully stick is made of a bull’s pizzle (Bull penis). You don’t have to go to a life systems class to make sense of however that a bull’s penis in nature doesn’t generally resemble that dry stick dog is so obsessed with. What happens is the bull’s penis which for the most part measures around 25 inches is cleaned and afterward lingered palpably so the liquids are depleted off. A while later, it is extended up to 40 inches and after that partitioned into littler sticks estimating anyplace between 4 inches and 30 inches. At the point when the stick is at long last dried, the scrumptious smoky flavor Rover craves for so much is included.

Are Bully Sticks Good for Dogs?
Bully Sticks are a good chew for your dog if:
• Your dog is underweight or overweight, or wants to maintain their healthy weight.
• Bully sticks are high in protein, which support muscle development and maintain healthy weight loss.
• You are looking for a high quality and healthy chew.
• Your dog has no allergies on beef.
• You are looking for improve your dog’s dental health.
• Your dog loves to chew.

What are Bully sticks

Are Bully Sticks Healthy for Dogs?
Bully sticks are made up of pure beef ligament and very healthy for dogs. In addition to that, they make extraordinary natural teeth and gum cleaner. However as your dog bites, they additionally come pressed with a few important minerals and protein that can be a solid option to your dog’s every day diet. As another advantage, biting on bully sticks can be an approach to urge your dog to drink more water. After a decent bite session, your dog is probably going to be parched and will see out water consequently. By giving bully sticks to a dog that wants to bite can likewise have fun, and healthy treat. If you are looking for best bully sticks for your dog, visit Dog Treats. Your four legged friend will love our high quality healthy product with highly palatable. They don’t have any added preservative and color. We make sure to provide high quality bully sticks for your dog.

Are Bully sticks safe for puppies?
Bully sticks are a protected and normal bite for puppies. Dogs of all age can have bully sticks, but you have choose the bully sticks according to the size and age of your dogs. Bully sticks are high in protein and low in fat. Their synthesis makes them simple to process for even for their sensitive stomachs. Bully sticks are probably the most secure bite for all puppies, beating famous rawhide bites. Despite the fact that rawhide are generally regular, they are a lot harder for dogs to process. Gulping a huge piece of rawhide could bring about blockages, though bully sticks will break separated and go through the stomach related tract all the more easily. Bully sticks are incredible for dental support. The steady contact and scraped spot against their teeth advances sound gums and even scratches a portion of the plaque and tartar off of their teeth. Bully sticks can help the change among adolescent and grown-up teeth, known as getting teeth.

When should I give my dog a Bully stick?
You can give Bully sticks to your dog whenever you can’t entertain your dog yourself. Bully sticks are a long lasting chews for dogs which is both safe and healthy. Bully sticks acts as a best distraction treats. You can give bully sticks to your dog when they caused by boredom or anxiety. You should avoid rewarding bully sticks after the negative behaviors are shown. Rather, act protectively. Dogs will feel disturbed when you leave them home alone. At that time bully sticks works as a distraction, to keep them away from their lonely feeling. Offer bully sticks a couple of minutes before you leave. This will give them something to do while you get ready for takeoff and long after you are gone. Bully sticks keep them busy when you have no time for them. Bully sticks are distracting enough for any dog and give a constructive option when you are busy with something else.

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