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Why Feeding Bully Sticks Is Good For Dogs?

Ask most dog owners what their dog’s favorite chew is, and the answer is probably “bully sticks”.

We are very familiar with bully sticks for dogs here. We have been asking many questions over the years about bully sticks: are bully sticks safe for dogs? Are bully dog sticks well? What are the sticks of the Bully? The list continues and continues.

Since the history of bully production and sales is so robust, who can set the record directly on bully stick facts?

We thought we would focus on a few of the best stuff about bully sticks, with so many positive things to talk about.

What Are Bully Sticks?

If you’re new to bully sticks, you may first ask, “What do bullies make? “This is a wonderful question! When it comes to bully sticks, you will be glad to know they are a single chew (so no long and difficult panel of components). But when you look at a cattle anatomy map, you do not see ‘bully mark’ on it. And what are they? What are they? The short response is that beef pizzles are bully sticks. Pizzle is a naturally occurring muscle and very like ingredient items such as beef tendon straps or other dog jerkies. They may also be called ‘bully bones’ or ‘bully chews’ – they are just different names for dog bully sticks.

If you still ask yourself, but what is a pizzle of Beef? That’s also a big question. But maybe you want to wait for this one. Are you ready? The pizzle of meat is a bull’s penis. If you’re going to buy more bully chews, we recommend you start reading.
“What are bully sticks?” [Tweet Great question! Great question! The simple reply is a pizzle, the more complicated it is …

Why Pizzle?

When people know what bully sticks (bull penis) are, they often react, “Ev. Why? Why? “It may sound disgusting to us, but for the excellent taste and flavor, dogs love beef pizzle. Dogs like organ meats, like pizzles, because they imitate their ancestral diet closely.

In addition to being a treat that your dog thinks is delicious, many things make Bully a great one-ingredient chew.

Bull Pizzle is:

Free From

• Preservatives
• Wheat
• Grains
• Soy
• Artificial flavors


• 100% Beef
• Highly Digestible
• High Protein
• Great for All Life Stages

Beef Pizzle gives your dog a Perfect treatment with one ingredient. You can’t beat bully sticks for dogs with stomach sensitivities, allergies, or simply love the taste of Beef.

Sustainable Dog Chews

At Dogtreats, our aim is not just to produce excellent products for your animal but also to the right products for the planet.

Do you know that cows need 28 times more ground, six times more fertilizer, and 11 times more water than other food sources? This adds up to around five times more emissions of greenhouse gases.

At Dogtreats, we partner with ranchers to buy some of the animals that might otherwise be thrown away. To be obvious, the reasons why these parts would otherwise be thrown away are not that they are wrong, but because they are not in demand outside the pet industry.

Although some food companies strive to use the whole product, many parts of the body are not considered appropriate for human consumption, and many people do not want to consume them (pizza, anybody?).

Some people ignore such by-products, but we agree that many animal body parts will become healthy chews for your dog if they are of high quality and an ethical source. This includes beef pizza for bully sticks, hooves, steering horns, tails, esophagus, lungs, and ears. We use all parts of the animal that helps to make farms more sustainable.

The Benefits Of Bully Sticks


Sticks of bulls are 100% beef muscle. Just one ingredient is present – beef pizzle. Bully sticks are a tough, delicious chew that most dogs find irresistible.

Bully sticks are your dog’s excellent chewing option. It is all-natural and does not contain artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or additives. We slowly roast them in their juices to produce the natural aromas dogs love.

Bully Sticks are a single-ingredient chew that you can give to your dog because they are fully digestible and delicious.

Full digestibility and our rigorous quality checks ensure that bully sticks are not merely safe for your dog but are one of the best chewing choices for practically any dog regardless of race, size, or age.

However, monitoring is necessary, as with any care. Bully sticks are incredibly digestible, but make sure that your dog does not crack large pieces that may pose a surprising danger.

Dental Health Benefits

With information emerging from how crucial dental health is to dogs’ overall health, pet parents face the challenge of keeping their teeth clean.

If your dog has a plaque buildup, it is best to schedule a professional cleaning. Next, start wiping or brushing your teeth routine. You may want to begin rough chews, such as bully sticks, to help keep your pups pearly white.

If you have a puppy, immediately brush your teeth, so he’s comfortable. You should also regularly perform stringent checks to support healthy teeth and gums. Incorporating hard chews and chewing into your dog’s routine will help keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy.

Curious how Bully’s stems help your dog’s teeth to improve? At first, your dog can look counterintuitive if you eat cleaner teeth. The simple reply? Everything’s like your dog is chewing.

The mechanical action of tough chewing like Bully Sticks promotes dental health by scraping teeth and gums naturally. This “scraping” helps to extract toxic plaque and reduce the growth of your dog’s teeth. This is because the chewing scrapes remove any accumulation before it can stay on the teeth.

High Concentration of Protein

Opportunistic carnivores are sheep. This means that they like protein and survive, but they can certainly eat the most. Since we know that they are safer and grow on a diet focused on protein, why not give them chews that support their overall health? One great way to help the protein intake of your dog is by using natural chews!

Bully sticks come from the muscle of Beef with high protein. They are also rich in amino acids that help muscles, brain, skin, and food.

Bully Sticks are fully digestible, protein-rich, and dental health-supportive. Tell your dog how much you love him with a treat to improve his dental health and give him the protein to survive!

Types Of Bully Sticks

We give different sizes; from 3 cm to 36 cm. We even have a series of mini bully sticks, perfect for smaller races! Although straight bully chews are the most common, we make a variety of bully shapes for your dog.

Shaped Bully Sticks

What kind of bully sticks is available?

If you’re already a bully stick fan or a specialist in the chewing industry, you might be thinking, “Why would I choose formed bully sticks? “What’s their particular?

For dogs that need something to chew, formed bully sticks offer a fun challenge to keep their pups happy and active. Each dog is different, so your dog has a personal preference for bully stick shapes.

Here are a few of the bully shapes available:

• Braided Bully
• Bully Rings
• Bully Barbells
• Bully Springs
• Odor-Free Bully Sticks

Why Choose our Bully Sticks?

When it comes to dog treatments, there are many options! We believe we produce the best beef pizzle on the market for some reason.

High-quality products are essential to us.

Good Bully sticks begin with excellent raw materials.

Our Naturals Bully Sticks are produced from free-range grass-fed cattle raised as nature intends with a healthy grass diet. Our beef chicks are grass-fed from Bulls and Steers alike. Finally, the product is natural goodness generated in our plant according to strict quality control requirements. We want the same expectations to be passed on for our dogs to those you love!

Our Bully Sticks are whole and never sliced in half.

We think you should get more Bully for your dollar at Dogtreats. What does that mean? What does that mean? Some bully bolts have bully bolts cut down to the center. If the sticks are cut, they are thinner and can be chewed faster. Look for the green label to make sure you get our Bully sticks guaranteed.

Other Guarantees

• We pick steering sticks out of bully sticks, so you get a thicker handle. We also better mark them differently, so you can be sure that your dog likes the type.
• Naturally processes our Bully Sticks without any artificial ingredients, preservatives, colors, etc. nothing added. Nothing artificial.


When We Say Natural…

To our Bully Sticks, we don’t add any additives or artificial ingredients. Many consumers don’t know that odorless bully sticks are treated with chemicals to remove the smell.

Our produces only natural bully sticks with a low odor. After cleaning and cooking, we bath them with a natural Yucca smell reduction solution. That’s it! That’s it! When you use Bully Sticks, you give your natural dog ingredients that are minimally processed.

Safely Sourced

Where are we getting all this Beef? This is a good question. It is a good question. Although we are actively trying to supply ingredients from the USA, some aspects outside the United States are of higher quality than parts. Our bully sticks come from the beef that is manufactured in North America that meets the same quality assurance standards.

Our Products promises that our products are of the highest quality, as our natural bully sticks.

Our Quality Assurance Procedures

We at Dogtreats Pet Products work hard to make our pet food and treats of the highest quality and safety. We take our expectations of quality assurance seriously. We invest both time and money in our quality control programs: buying new machinery, recruiting qualified, trained, and up-to-date processing and testing protocols.

Dogtreats operates three fully-equipped laboratories: one devoted to physical and chemical materials and product quality control, one dedicated to microbiological tests and one to product growth.

Our in-house laboratories have been developed to evaluate pH, water levels, water levels, and salt and perform microbiological tests, such as aerobic platform counts, anaerobic platform counts, coliform counts, and salmonella tests. We test the raw bully materials initially, then recheck them after cooking!

Our product development lab offers new and improved product batches in our product line.

Finally, we use a laboratory that is accredited outside ISO for further biological and chemical testing, verification of our results, test results, and special projects.

Your Pet’s Safety is Our Priority

We believe that we have industry-leading quality and safety procedures in place, along with internal and external monitoring and auditing to ensure that the final product obtained is of the highest quality. You can feel the treatment of your dog with a Bully Stick with this degree of quality.

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